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We provide cross platform mobile development services to build apps on different mobile platforms without writing the same code twice.

What is Cross Platform App Development?

Traditionally, apps have been programmed with Native programming languages – the inherent language of the specific device. For iOS this is either Objective-C or Swift, while Android devices utilize Java or Kotlin. If businesses wanted to push their product over multiple platforms, they had to completely rewrite their apps in order to be compatible with every operating system. 

Fortunately, this trend is starting to decrease as now there's a cheaper and faster alternative: it’s called cross platform mobile app development or multi platform solutions. Thus, cross-platform development is the process by which cross platform developers create products for multiple platforms from the beginning.

Top Cross Platform Tools and Frameworks

Before getting started on your cross platform app development, you should know about the top 

cross platform app development tools, features, and frameworks:

Cordova (formerly PhoneGap)

Is a free tool that aids cross platform app developers by wrapping the code from HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript into a native-like application.

React Native

Uses the same fundamental building blocks (JavaScript and React) for iOS and Android to create native apps for mobile devices.


Is a cross platform application development framework targeted towards robust mobile apps and websites, using HTML, CSS, and JS.


Is a multi platform application development framework that allows you to develop cross platform apps using C++ as a programming language.

Flutter SDK

Google's push into cross platform app development, is now live and competing with the rest.

Want to learn which tools would be best for your project?

Scopic’s cross platform developers have vast experience working with each of these tools and would love to guide you in the right direction.

Cut Application Development Costs with Cross Platform Mobile Development Services

Multi platform solutions, unlike native solutions, are designed to run on different platforms from the same original codebase. They are accomplished by either wrapping the web application written in HTML, CSS, JS with a native wrapper that makes the app appear as native to enhance user experience, or by using a framework and tools that allow us to write the code in one language and then compile that code into a native application.

We understand that software development for startups often requires a high budget, which can be an obstacle for many entrepreneurs. Choosing to trust a cross platform mobile app development company will allow you to rest assured that you’ll have a holistic presence while cutting the costs of the custom mobile app development services.

The Benefits of Multi-Platform Solutions

Multi platform solutions come with a number of benefits. For starters, they’re a cost-cutting and time-saving solution, which means you can speed up the development lifecycle and launch your custom cross platform application sooner. On the other hand it uses a native rendering engine; that’s why you’re able to get a close-to-native user experience with this solution.

When choosing cross platform mobile app development, you will get full functionality, easy and fast implementation, and, of course, cost-effective production.

Scopic is a trusted name when it comes to cross platform mobile app development services and custom web application development services. Our cost-friendly solutions will effectively provide you with a powerful product tailored to your requirements. 

One code base, multiple platforms

Faster speed to market

Less expensive to develop

Reach wider audience 

A Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company You Can Trust

At Scopic, we are capable of delivering not only the functional requirement but also enterprise capability, flexibility, and robustness. We evolve in line with the latest mobile software trends, enabling clients to effectively reduce app development costs and focus on the core aspects of their company.

Our cross platform developers are trusted by diverse clients, including multinational organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, in providing systems that are mandatory to their success.


Take pictures and video 

from your device


Login flow for various OAuth providers


Track location once, or repeatedly


Leverage iOS TouchID authentication


Easily handle remote 

push notifications


Indicate loading or downloading

The Difference Between Native and Hybrid Cross Platforms

Cross platform mobile app development has two approaches: native and hybrid. Depending on your app’s specific features, you’ll need to choose between the two solutions.

So, what’s really the difference between native and hybrid cross platform development?

When it comes to native cross platform programming, it’s important to note that it allows developers to write one code and have it built into the native application for different operating systems – letting them publish the mobile app on different platforms while spending minimal effort. Some of the widely used native multi platform app tools are React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and Qt. Usually, native cross platform application development is a preferable solution since it guarantees a better UX functionality compared to hybrid apps.

So, what are hybrid cross platform solutions? Hybrid apps are simply web apps that are wrapped inside a native container and are using each platform’s browser built-in component. With hybrid cross platform development, we have the advantage of running apps on different platforms as if they are native apps on those platforms. Hybrid multi platform apps do not require internet connectivity and can be published on the app stores, increasing the chances of discoverability. The main tools for hybrid cross-platform app development are Apache Cordova, Ionic, and Adobe PhoneGap.

Here at Scopic, our cross platform app developers provide both native and hybrid cross platform mobile app development services. Depending on your project’s needs, we can help you decide which solution would be the better choice for you along with the ideal software development model. Get in touch and share the details of your project.


Skills involved:

React Native, NodeJS, Firebase, OCR, iOS, Responsive Design

Skills involved:

Autoscaling, Typescript, Ionic Framework, Firebase, Responsive Design

Skills involved:

HTML5, Ionic, iOS, Android, MySQL, PHP

Skills involved:

iOS, iPhone, Android, React Native, NodeJS, Java, Objective C, Firebase, Redux, Speech Recognition, Web Frameworks

Skills involved:

Cross Platform, HTML5, Hybrid Mobile Application, Ionic Framework, Parse


I had the good fortune of finding Scopic after spending many years and using several contractors to develop my product. Scopic’s developers truly are experts in so many fields and work on my software as if it were their own. They are more than capable of doing any work I need. Professional, responsive, and reasonable: that’s how I would sum up Scopic Software.

Dave Rozewski – SketchList3D president

Scopic developed my app from scratch. Their team presented all of the wireframes, suggested graphics, and helped work through the user flows. They then proceeded to development, using Google Vision for the optical character recognition (OCR) software and Firebase for the backend.

Kenneth Leeser

RecipeIQ App founder

I have worked with Scopic for about 5 years. They have solved many problems for my companies, some of which were very challenging and obscure. Tim is great at picking out talent; his programmers are very dedicated and responsive. I highly recommend them.

Paul Geller – Thankster founder

I have worked with Scopic on over 20 apps spanning 3 different app stores, and it has always been an absolute pleasure working with them. I can’t recommend them enough!

Rick Hecker – Heckr LLC founder

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